Ms. Baird was my LPC Supervisor and mere words are not sufficient to describe the experience I had under her tutelage.  First of all Ms. Baird is a spiritual person and she freely shares all the clinical and business knowledge and wisdom she has gained over the years as a therapist and business owner.  The supervision I received makes me feel confident going into my own private practice. If you are considering Ms. Baird for your LPC Supervisor, stop pondering and take action! At the end of your supervision period, you will feel that you have all the knowledge and skills you need to take on the counseling world!!

—Dr. Brenda P. Ishmael-LPC, NCC

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience under Latasha Brown’s supervision. She provided knowledge on various topics that were important in the counseling profession as well as in our professional development as counselors. She created an atmosphere that was conducive to learning and sharing.   Supervision was an opportunity to explore clinical concerns and enhance clinical skills. I am really grateful for being able to have this experience under the supervision of Ms. Brown.”

—Tiffany Huggins, M.Ed., NCC, LPC

I am pleased with the services that my family has received here. We had to leave at one point under the supervision of a different psychiatrist, but I recommended coming back. We were able to receive the best services for my son here. Even the counselors that work for this firm are great! They really try to cater to your schedule and that is a plus for me. My son has made tremendous improvement in his grades and behavior. I wish we never had to leave in the first place or my son would be further along than he is right now. I am forever grateful for the services that you and your team have provided for my family. I have already referred someone and hope they make the effort to come see you. Once again, thanks!


My experience with Latasha was nothing less than transformational. Latasha was able to meet me exactly where I was and help me to remove the many self inflected barriers to a better me. Her spiritually grounded advice, structure, and support helped me to dig deeper to understand what areas of life I needed to focus on. We created a plan that allowed me to organize and prioritize what I needed to restore myself. I highly recommend Latasha for her expert, professional and committed counseling services. Thank you Latasha for holding me accountable to ME, I have rediscovered who I am –

—I am Unapologetically ME!    

I have been so grateful for having Latasha work with me! Having been in and out of therapy since I was 12 years old, I found it hard to get a counselor who treats me as an adult who needs support instead of as a youth who hasn’t processed trauma. Latasha helps me unpack and slow down the racing and sometimes overwhelming thoughts that make my day to day so exhausting. She even worked with me through layoffs due to the pandemic so as not to lose the progress we were making!

— S.E.H

Life is hard especially when you’re trying to do it by yourself. Mrs. Latasha was truly God sent. She met me on all levels not so much to help her understand me, but to get me to understand. She was a lantern in a dark basement for me.  I am truly thankful for Brown Clinical Services and Mrs. Latasha for helping me find the keys to the rest of my life.

—K. M.

My experience with Brown Clinical Services, specifically with Ms. Tessa Crawford, has been life changing. I have made so much progress in my life due to the support and services I have received. After over a year with them, I have seen massive improvements in my personal, professional, and academic life. I’m incredibly thankful for this practice, and for Tessa for giving me the tools and safe space I needed in order to heal and grow.

—K. C.

I had a positive experience with my therapist, Jan. The therapeutic relationship promoted an abundance of growth. I do wish at times I would have had more time to express without interruption. I was met with understanding. I was able to trust my therapist which caused me to be more open. Overall, it was an amazing experience. I met my goals and I did the work on my end. Therapy only works if we ourselves are accountable and committed. I left out a completely different person than I began and I am thrilled about what’s to come. Without the help of my therapist, I’m not sure if I would’ve reached this new level and discovered myself as I now have.

–C. M.

When I first decided that I wanted to try individual therapy, I didn’t know what to expect. Being someone who has a hard time opening up, who was going through a lot at the time and my anxiety was at an all-time high, I was terrified. However, I was paired with Tessa and she was an amazing counselor. Every session felt like I was talking to someone I had known for years, and I found it extremely easy to open up to her, as she was very patient and understanding. She challenged my thinking in ways I didn’t know they could be and gave me so many tools to further my growth. I am currently departed from services at Brown Clinical, but as I told Tessa in our last session. I know where to go if I ever need someone again, and I will always look for BCS and Tessa as my #1. Thanks so much yall!

–C. M. (March 2023)