Latasha Brown Baird

Latasha is the lead licensed counselor, supervisor, (SC 3502; SC 4286, NC S7115), and owner of Brown Clinical Services.  Latasha has been given a gift from God to serve others who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges in their lives.  Latasha is driven by her passion to help others and remove the stigma of participating in counseling.  Often times, having a safe, confidential, and therapeutic “space” to share your “story” with a caring counselor who can meet you where you are in your journey of life and help facilitate the change you desire is paramount to living your best life.

“No one has to do life alone, let a caring counselor help!”

Latasha has helped many people to experience positive changes as a result of clients’ hard work in and outside of the counseling sessions to get to a better place in life.

While Latasha experiences have ranged from serving children to adults,  she now primarily provides service to adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief/loss, mood instability, trauma and stressor related issues, phase of life and adjustment issues, relational issues, conflicts, anger, communication issues, etc.

Latasha received a Master of Education degree in Agency Counseling & Development in May 1994 from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in December 1992 from University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.

Latasha has been providing professional, clinical services for over 25 years.

Latasha holds several licenses. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Supervisor in SC and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor & Supervisor in NC.

Jordache Williams

Jordache is a Licensed Professional Counselor (8199).  Jordache spent the majority of his youth living at Thornwell Home and School for Children in Clinton, South Carolina.  He graduated from Winthrop University with a B.A. in Sociology prior to enlisting in the United States Army, in which he served eight years.  Jordache received his M.A. in Professional Counseling from Amridge University, graduating with honors.  He has been a member of the American Counselors Association since 2016 and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy since 2007.  Jordache has undergone extensive training in leadership and has served as a mentor, coach, and victim advocate.

He provides therapy involving adjustment to changes encountered by individual, couple, or family life cycle development as well as therapeutic assessment and treatment of Neurodevelopmental, Depressive, Anxiety, Trauma- and Stressor-Related, as well as Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders in individuals and families.

Jordache believes the therapeutic atmosphere is most helpful when trust is established between client and counselor.  Foremost, he strives to develop relationships with his clients that promote an environment conducive for positive change.  While each client’s life experiences as well as their goals differ, he believes all people deserve the opportunity to reach their own potential and move towards a life that is personally satisfying.

                                                    Dr. Chris Crosby

Dr. Chris P. Crosby is a Licensed Professional Counselor (7285). Chris has long been blessed with a passion for helping people.  She grew up in York County, SC, and worked over 35 years at York Technical College as Department Manager and Professor in the Business Administration Department. The strong desire to help hurting people became her life’s focus in her academic career as well as in her church environment. Realizing that helping others was her gift from God, she decided to prepare herself as a counselor by pursuing a Masters in Christian Counseling-Women’s Emphasis (2008) and a PhD in Biblical Counseling (2012) from Trinity Theological Seminary. Chris continued her goal toward full licensure by completing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health from Winthrop University in 2016. Then she spent 3 years in the Counseling and Support Services Department of York Technical as a Student Development Counselor.

She has touched thousands of lives during her teaching and counseling experience.  She was founder and director of the Phenomenal Young Ladies Club, Inc. (PYLC), which helped teenage girls to develop character, set career goals and develop Christian values. Chris is also co-founder of Living for Jesus Family Life Ministry, a non-profit ministry that helps hurting individuals (primarily women) and couples.   She has done volunteer counseling at Palmetto Women’s Center, Wayne T Patrick Hospice House and Agape Hospice all in Rock Hill.

Chris’ focus on the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress management, anger/conflict resolution, couples/marital counseling, pre-marital counseling, grief/loss counseling and group counseling. Chris enjoys working with women and couples.

Chris utilizes several clinical approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Mindfulness, Christian Counseling and Couples/Marriage Counseling and approaches to help clients overcome debilitating challenges they face in life.

Chris is a spiritually driven person and is very active in her church. She is married and has 4 children and one grandson.

                                                        Tessa Crawford 

Tessa is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (7578). She spent the majority of her youth in York, South Carolina. She graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from the University of South Carolina in 2015. After graduating, she worked at a non-profit clinic in Columbia for children with neurodevelopmental disorders where she was inspired to further her education. She earned her M.S. degree in Clinical Psychology at Augusta University in 2019. She then worked under supervision of a licensed psychologist, conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations with children and adolescents and therapy/biofeedback services with individuals of various age groups.

Tessa currently provides assessment and therapy services to address various mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, trauma, social skills, neurodevelopmental disorders, etc. She utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches to tailor treatment to meet each individual’s unique needs. She views therapy as a journey for which individuals may have a safe space to set goals that help them reach their potential. She believes in mental health as being preventative health, and that as people pursue mental health goals, these effects will spill over to positively influence other aspects of overall wellbeing.

Lisa Dunlap-Dye

Lisa is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (7610).  She grew up in Conway, SC.  Lisa received her B.A. in Political Science from Winthrop University.  She has 21 years of experience with working with parents and children as a Certified Parent Educator.  In May 2020, Lisa received her M.Ed. degree in School Counseling from Liberty University. Lisa has a desire to serve and help those who are hurting to heal and discover their strengths.  She utilizes a combination of therapeutic interventions to meet clients where they are, to assist in the healing process. Lisa, also has experience as a high school counselor.

Jan Mckiver

Jan McKiver is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (7720).  She is a graduate of Winthrop University where she received both her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and her Master of Education Degree in School Counseling. Jan is a National Board-Certified Teacher (1145600), a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF06694) and a National Certified Counselor. 

Jan has spent the last 27 years working as a School Counselor where she has helped students to achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills and to be college, career, or military ready upon graduation.  She believes that is important for students to have a holistic academic plan that reflects their interest and abilities and addresses their needs so that they can become productive and contributing members of their communities.

Jan provides therapy and counseling services that empower adolescents and young adults to reach their maximum potential through preventive strategies, problem solving, and identification of life stressors. She provides individual career counseling services enabling individuals to help make informed career decisions as well as exploring occupational choices. Other areas of focus include anxiety, gender identity issues, depression, anger management, self-esteem, healthy lifestyles, and other issues that impact adolescents and middle-aged adults.

Jan views therapy as an opportunity for individuals to engage in a therapeutic, safe, and nurturing environment when life’s stressors become overwhelming and when one is seeking peace from all the pieces that create challenges in their daily lives.

Jasmine Funn

Jasmine is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (7983). She grew up in Columbia, SC. A true believer of the importance of pouring into and investing into the community. She is passionate about community mental health and helping others navigate life and cultivate a positive emotional and mental wellbeing. Jasmine believes that when we promote mental wellness within our communities we are investing in better lives, futures, and ultimately better communities that we all can live in everyday. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Art in Experimental Psychology with a minor in Counselor Education and a graduate of Walden University with a Master of Science in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling. Jasmine has a background working with children, adolescents, families, couples, and re-entry counseling with persons that were formerly incarcerated. Jasmine has experience serving clients with anxiety, anger management, family conflict, depression, stress, and couple/marital conflict.