I thoroughly enjoyed my experience under Latasha Brown’s supervision. She provided knowledge on various topics that were important in the counseling profession as well as in our professional development as counselors. She created an atmosphere that was conducive to learning and sharing.   Supervision was an opportunity to explore clinical concerns and enhance clinical skills. I am really grateful for being able to have this experience under the supervision of Ms. Brown.”

Tiffany Huggins, M.Ed., NCC, LPC

Latasha Brown is an exceptional counselor who has encouraged me in my journey as an intern at her practice.  She is empathetic, encouraging and an excellent support to the children and families that she serves.  My learning experience was met beyond my expectation.

-G.M. Pearson

As a family intervention social worker, I work with several families who need or desire counseling services. I have found during my time in Mecklenburg County that the need for counselors who provide in home services is great; and counselors who provide high quality service are hard to find. When I referred to Brown Clinical Services, Ms. Brown was quick to respond and kept me posted on the progress of the family without any prompting. I have continued to refer families to her and remain impressed with her services. The families are also very pleased. Brown Clinical Services is now one of the first services I explore with families when counseling is needed and will continue to be a top choice for referrals!

-A. Green, Sr. Social Worker-Mecklenburg County YFS

I am pleased with the services that my family has received here. We had to leave at one point under the supervision of a different psychiatrist, but I recommended coming back. We were able to receive the best services for my son here. Even the counselors that work for this firm are great! They really try to cater to your schedule and that is a plus for me. My son has made tremendous improvement in his grades and behavior. I wish we never had to leave in the first place or my son would be further along than he is right now. I am forever grateful for the services that you and your team have provided for my family. I have already referred someone and hope they make the effort to come see you. Once again, thanks!